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Organization is Key

7.24.19 | Tatiana Archuleta

Being organized in everyday life is important, but in the workplace it’s critical. 

Organization leads to kept deadlines, greater efficiency and in the end a better business outcome.  When working in media there are always many media vendors and partners that play a role in successfully launching a client’s campaign. Without utilizing the proper organization tactics, it is easy to get lost.  Not only is it important to effectively launch a campaign, it is equally important to work cohesively as a team. Understanding what organization tactics work best for you and each of your team members will increase productivity and ensure that everyone is working in the most efficient way possible. 

Organization within the workplace can be viewed in many forms and how it is defined can differ from team member to team member as well as client to client.  Here are some of my best practices to stay organized.

 1.      Create shared documents within the workplace so consistency is kept. I find it is easiest to create a tracker for each client that includes what needs to be done and by what date. Whether a tracker is used internally or shared with the client in the form of a status document is dependent on how involved the client would like to be in the planning process.

2.     Establish regular status calls in order to continue moving forward with the planning timeline. This is helpful to manage completion of deliverables.

Creating a culture within the workplace that revolves around organization and efficiency is the first step to successfully executing a media strategy and creating a cohesive media plan that furthers the objectives of the client’s campaign. Organization can only be helpful if each team member is committed to using the organization tactics put in place and making a workplace culture centered around efficiency.