All smokers aren’t the same. But they do all enjoy awesome seats at a concert.


The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asked Inline to help shift attitudes and behaviors of young adults regarding cigarette use. This at-risk group needed to reconsider experimentation while considering quitting tobacco altogether.




We began by working with partner agency SE2 to understand the person behind the cigarette and quickly found that not all young smokers are the same. We segmented this audience using psychographics, values, attitudes and lifestyle profiles. This segmentation allowed us to serve digital content to young adults based on their relationship to smoking.

Then we delivered the message to young smokers at a time and place where tobacco use is prevalent: a music festival. Inline negotiated a sponsorship at the Westword Music Showcase that included a “Party Pen” - an awesome, smoke-free environment with a giant disco ball, lawn games, selfie mirrors and a spectacular view of the stage. We promoted the Party Pen through Spotify playlists and all of the efforts drove the audience to a website where they could get more information and chart a course to quit smoking.



The campaign delivered over 253k unique pageviews on Inline Media’s optimizations cut the cost-per-click by 60%. But the most encouraging news was what happened to young smokers’ attitudes. A third-party evaluation found that 64% of the target audience became more likely to consider reducing the use of cigarettes and 52% said they would consider stopping smoking altogether. That’s something to sing about.